We are a small bunch of security experts working to develop client solutions. We believe that uSecureMe is a collection of the magical toolbox for security and IT professionals.  The uSecureMe tool contains five main components:


1. Domain Tools

2. Hash Tools

3. Virus Tools

4. Uptime Monitor Tool

5. MiSC Tools 


Domain Tools consists of Whois Lookup, Domain to IP conversion, a Domain availability query engine and IP Blacklist tool. 


Hashing Tools include robust hash database where users can insert single or multiple hashes, an ability to upload/import hashes, hash generators tools and uploading of one or multiple files to get the hash.


Virus Tools consists of site virus scan from multiple vendors and the possibility of an MD5 hash scan. Complete and professional virus scan for websites and MD5 single hash scan is also possible through this tool.  


Uptime Monitor Tool is useful to control the various type of websites. You can easily see sites overview and monitor individual sites. The reports are generated for the sites you are monitoring immediately.  You may add one or multiple sites in uptime monitor.


MiSC Tools consists of several security related tools. For example, check malicious code and scan code for any HTML, CSS, PHP and other source files, generate password for robust passwords, port scanning (to see which ports are open and which are closed), you may grab users IP address with the help of MiSC tools.  You can also do shell scanning for one or multiple files. The shell scanning helps to scan for shells and other malicious code in fairly straightforward and intuitive manner.